Sunday School

Over 100 years ago, children had to work six days a week and could not attend a school. Churches began to teach children on their only day off, Sunday, and used the Bible as their textbook.

Bible Study

We continue the tradition of Sunday School as an opportunity to study the Bible together in a relaxed and friendly environment. We also have more in-depth Bible studies from time to time.

Children’s Ministry

We have an exciting program specifically for children! Learning about God is a whole lot of fun, and our dedicated staff is committed to making every child feel welcome.

Community Outreach

We feel the needs of our community. We support several community programs with our time and resources. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, we look for opportunities to serve in areas that are under-served or overlooked by other established programs.


We all need each other. Friendship and fellowship are essential for a healthy and happy life. Social media is a poor substitute for real face-to-face interaction. Every gathering is an opportunity to meet, connect, and make new friends.

The Next Step…

Just come for a visit. A warm welcome awaits you. There is no pressure to commit to anything. Just come and be yourself. God loves you, and so do we.